Multi functional and superior quality

Matrix Light ML-115R LED Ring Light is distinguishable in function and performance from other typical Ring Lights in the market. ML-115R LED Ring Light is a multi-purpose product with superior quality that can be used for Virtual Reality 360° shooting, high-speed camera shooting, digital microscopes, chroma key lighting, and infrared ray lighting.  Since its establishment in 2008, Matrix Light has been providing broadcasting stations and professional broadcasters with the best products. Through constant research and development, Matrix Light unveils ML-115R LED Ring Light that allows the user to be more creative and to adapt to the ever-changing digital media environment.

Incomparable Quality, Compact Design

Precise brightness and color temperature controllers on the ML-115R allows the user to achieve the perfect brightness and color temperature for every occasion. Brightness can be controlled in 10% increments, from 150lm to 2,200lm, and color temperature can be controlled in 11 steps (in 240k increments), from 3,200k to 5,800k. The brightness and color temperature LED indicators on the back side let the user check the current brightness and color temperature. Also, the Turbo mode supports up to 2,200lm of brightness, equivalent to a 220W light bulb, for urgent situations with no light.


Maximum Brightness

(Unit : Lumen)


Minimum Color Temp.

(Unit : Kelvin)


Maximum Color Temp.

(Unit : Kelvin)





(Unit : Lumen)





100W Light Bulb


Adaptable Lighting System

Matrix Light’s ML-115R LED Ring Light is designed to fit various camera systems. Using additional adaptable accessories provided, it is suitable for Electronic News Gathering cameras, Digital Single-Lens Reflex cameras, and Action cameras. The ML-115R LED Ring Light also has a USB communication port, which allows simultaneous control of multiple units, making it especially useful for Virtual Reality 360° shooting.


▪ Type :  Current regulated power LED light


▪ Light projection range :  0.6 ~ 6M (Effective light projection range)

          (depends on shutter speed, aperture levels, and gain control)


▪ Light projection angle :  90 ˚


▪ Color Temperature :  3200K~5800K (240K/1Step)


▪ Brightness :  10% ~ 100% (230lm/1Step)


▪ Luminance Flux :  1,100lm MAX (in Normal Mode)

                                 2,200lm MAX (in Turbo Mode)


▪ Illuminance in 1M distance :  1,100lux MAX (in Normal Mode)

                                                    2,200lux MAX (in Turbo Mode)


▪ Power supply :  12V DC


▪ Current consumption :  Normal mode: 1.5A/18W(Max)

                                           Turbo mode :  3A/36W(Max)


▪ Luminance efficiency :  66lm/W


▪ Battery :  12V DC / 5,200mA (Li‐ion)


▪ Battery running time : 2h 30min (Maximum Brightness in Normal Mode)

                                         1h 15min (Maximum Brightness in Turbo Mode)

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