ML-80 LED Light

Matrix Light ML-80 offers the highest efficiency to its price. It has the option of 3,400K/4,500K/5,600K saturation options and 1,250lm maximum brightness as well as lighter weight and simpler brightness control.

Simple to Use

It can be attached to a camera but it can also be used with a handgrip and be used in a sungun mode. Its simpler operation and usability has attracted many beginners as well as seasoned professionals.

Easy Operation

ML-80 is approximately 20% brighter than an average sungun that uses 100W halogen bulb. It is 2-4 times brighter than competitors that are in the market today. Furthermore, the brightness is maintained through its battery life and it also has a wider angle compared to other lights.

ML-80 LED Light Spec.

- Product : Power LED Light

- Size : Length X Width X Height (105mm X 87mm X 27mm)

- Weight : 185g

- Effective illumination distance : 0.6 ~ 20m(can vary depending on shutter speed,

                                                                           and other camera variables)

- Saturation Range : 3,400K, 4,500K, 5,600K

- Brightness : 650lm / 1,250lm

- Power : 12V DC

- Power consumption :1A 11.5W(650lm) / 2A 23W(1,250lm)

- Light efficiency : 54lm/W

- Battery : 12V DC / 4,700mA(Li-ion)

- Battery hours : 5h(650lm) / 2h 30min(1,250lm)

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