User Manual

All round Play LED Sun Gun Light

Matrix Light’s ML-SG4K LED Sun Gun Light is a Portable Spot Light that will perfectly support any news gathering situation. With a maximum brightness of 4,750lm, reliable waterproofing, and excellent portability, the ML-SG4K LED Sun Gun Light is the superior choice. The ML-SG4K LED Sun Gun Light is an all-round light system, meaning it’s not only for news gathering but also for any shooting situation. As such it possesses none of the halogen lamp’s weaknesses such as low luminance efficiency and short battery life. The ML-BA40W Lithium-ion Battery provided with the SG4K LED Sun Gun Light, is the waterproof and high-efficient power source that allows the ML-SG4K LED Sun Gun Light to run for more than two hours in any weather conditions.


Maximum Brightness

(Unit : Lumen)


Color Temp.

(Unit: Kelvin)


Water Proof

(Protect from splashing water)





(Unit : Lumen)



100W Light Bulb


Solid Body & Precise Micom Control

ML-SG4K LED Light’s aluminum body is lightweight yet durable, and acts as an excellent heat sink, maximizing durability and lifetime. Also, the sophisticated micom controller promises the ML-SG4K LED Light to be the most advanced LED light providing users with precise light control and the best quality.

Electronic Dimming Control and Convenient Design

The Dimming controller located on the ML-SG4K LED Sun Gun Light’s handle allows users to achieve the perfect brightness in 10% increments to 4,750lm. Also the handle is detachable from the light body, maximizing its convenience.


Dimming Control


▪ Type :  Current regulated power LED light


▪  Light projection range : 0.6 ~ 10M (Effective light projection range)

              (depends on shutter speed, aperture levels, and gain control)

▪  Light projection angle Horizontal: 60 ˚ vertical: 60 ˚


▪  Color Temperature: 4,000K


▪  Brightness: 10% ~ 100% (Digital variable)


▪  Luminance Flux:  4,750lm MAX


▪  Illuminance in 1M distance:  4,000lux MAX


▪  Power supply: 48V DC


▪  Current consumption: 1A/48W(Max)


▪  Luminance efficiency: 96lm/W


▪  Battery: 48V DC / 2,600mA (Li‐ion)


▪  Battery running time: 2hrs. (With Maximum Brightness)

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